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TaxFiler Practice Management software?

Is TaxFiler Practice Management software ever coming?

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Anyone know what the low down is on the Taxfiler Practice Management software? Think they announced it last May. Or have they decided not to bother? Cheers.

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By Martin Schneider
09th Feb 2020 15:51

I've heard nothing since they doubled their prices because of this amazing new feature, still not launched...

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By frankfx
09th Feb 2020 19:33

The art of managing expectations?

Alice in Wonderland../Looking Glass ... No jam today, but certainly tomorrow, or was that yesterday?

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By Manchester_man
09th Feb 2020 21:51

It's currently undergoing beta testing by a small selection of users. No doubt the results of the beta test will bring further revisions / tweaks, so it appears that it is certainly getting there, albeit it may or may not be rolled out anytime soon.

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By Tim Vane
09th Feb 2020 23:13

There were several posts on here a couple of weeks ago from users who have it and some brief reviews (generally positive I think). Search back through the forum and you’ll probably find them.

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Jennifer Adams
By Jennifer Adams
10th Feb 2020 17:59

My guess is that they will release at Accountex.

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