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Taxfiler pushing Senta (not a question)

Is this a joke

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Just received an email from Taxfiler offering 20% off Senta's 'award winning practice management software'.

Obviously both under the Iris umbrella.

I though the recent price hike by taxfiler was to cover developments to their own practice management software.   Or is my dementia unsettling me again?


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By Andy556
10th Jun 2021 12:55

Price hikes are just IRIS, they will use any excuse for a price hike.

People need to be careful taking up this offer. It sounds good then you're stuck with Senta then the Senta price hikes come in a year or so.

In my opinion I'd stay away for that reason

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By Slim
10th Jun 2021 13:30

wow lucky i got something like a free 30 day trial

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
10th Jun 2021 13:39

Its what they do. Tie you in really deep and make the transition costs too high to a third party software, so you just swear when you pay the ever inflating bill.

Its their business model, and why I stick with several not very well integrated systems so if I need to dump one supplier, I don't have to change everything. Also allows the buying of "best for us" for each product, rather than "best suite" which is not the same thing.

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