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Because I am on an annual subscription with TaxFiler, I do not need to migrate until next June; which is great because I can get my remaining Tax Returns filed with TaxFiler.

I have had a look at the TaxCalc website and, although it looks like a brilliant piece of software and gets great reviews on AWeb, it is, for me, a bit pricey at about £2,000 pa. I have just had a look at the Elements demo on the TaxFiler webpage and it looks very similar to what I am used to. But I am very wary of using any IRIS products, mainly because of their seemingly ever spiralling costs..

Do any of you use IRIS Elements? Do you find it robust? I am not so concerned about their support as I have never had to use support from TaxFiler.

I just need to decide whether to spend c£400 or c£2,000.

Many thanks.

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By doubletrouble
30th Nov 2023 20:49

I migrated to Elements a couple of months ago and have not had any problems, the home page and how you open clients is slightly different and takes a bit of getting used to but all in all pretty similar to Taxfiler.
There have been a few threads on here where others have had problems so might be worth you looking back at them as well.
Going to stick with Elements and see what happens with future pricing.

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By bettybobbymeggie
30th Nov 2023 20:51

I'm in the same boat as you are - contracted until July. Also had a look at Tax Calc and despite the usual bullish IRIS price hikes it will take a while for Elements to get up to Tax Calc prices. I am probably going to rough it with IRIS and see what happens. There are a few threads on this topic on this forum if you know how to search.

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By AdamJones82
30th Nov 2023 21:31

I'm with Elements and like a reply says here, even with an increase in costs over the next few years it will take a while to cost the same as Taxcalc.
I prefer the bare-bones (in a good way) layout simlar to how Taxfiler was.
I've been using it over a year and it has improved, it's always been developed.

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By SteveOH
01st Dec 2023 08:59

Thanks for all your feedback. I will give Elements a try and see how it goes with pricing. I must say, I like the layout on their demo and it's not a million miles from what I'm used to with TaxFiler.

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By WinterDragon
01st Dec 2023 12:03

If you have a look through some of the threads on IRIS then you may think I'm one of their biggest moaners and have had my fair share of issues but I'm going to throw them a bone on this one.

For clarity, I haven't used TaxCalc but have had demos and seen it at accountex and the like. I really don't want to use a desktop based program and having a 'cloud native' (web based) platform suits us and lets us easily work from anywhere. We've had some real headaches from Sage 50 and Moneysoft in the past and I know TaxCalc offers a cloud hosting solution but I'm put off immediately from past experiences.

The other big one is integrations, although Elements is lacking somewhat at the moment when compared to its predecessor Senta for practice management, I do think Elements will be the platform that will enable our practice to have a seemless workflow and allows us to grow and onboard clients a little more smoothly.

From my experience talking with various employees at IRIS that are responsible for Elements, they do plan to improve everything and keep pushing the product forward. It can be annoying when I suggest something and they say it's on their roadmap and they're looking at it but sometimes I login and that improvement I was hoping for has magically appeared and it makes my afternoon.

I've seen others mention that if we really want IRIS to listen then we have to stop giving them our business and move elsewhere to force them to get their *stuff* together but I've found by holding them to account and applying pressure they are slowly getting there and building a sophisticated platform.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to wash my mouth with soap and get back to bashing IRIS next week.

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By Mr Hankey
01st Dec 2023 12:18

I'm in the same situation, I don't think my Taxfiler subscription finishes until next June and am wondering whether to switch to Elements or Taxcalc.

I use Taxcalc fairly regularly anyway (I do subcontracting work with another practice) and although it's ok, I do find it quite "heavy", I much prefer the bare bones layout that Taxfiler has. Same as Moneysoft payroll has a bare bones layout, it doesn't look fancy but the simpler the better I think.

I know Taxcalc has the cloud connect, but I much prefer the no local software approach of just logging in through the web browser (like Taxfiler/ Elements/ Xero) again, so much simpler.

I've looked at the prices and if a practice was using Iris Accounts Production and moved to Taxcalc, they'd be quids in as it's so much cheaper. Yet the other way, a practice used to Taxfiler moving to Taxcalc looks flippin' expensive.

I've yet to make up my mind, but that's a decision I'll give more thought to after January.

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By carnmores
02nd Dec 2023 12:23

Me too Steve. but for the moment I am hoping to see out the SA season on Taxfiler and then I will move to Elements grudgingly. Iris will slow down the updates to Taxfiler even more than now so change will likely be forced.
have iris come out with an original piece of software in the last 5 years? it seems they major in purchase and bastardisation.

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