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Taxfiler users please help!

I can't work out how to transfer accounts information to the CT600. I've done it for personal tax

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Sorry for such a basic question but I am new to Taxfiler and I can't see how to transfer the accounts information (profit etc) into the CT600. I've done it for a sole trader into the SA return. I've tried looking at the help but can't find the answer. Or is it not possible?

Any help would be much appreciated in these trying times.

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By lionofludesch
18th May 2020 11:17

I just type it in.

It's only one number.

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Danny Kent
By Viciuno
18th May 2020 11:29

In the accounts go to the "check & file" tab and mark the accounts as final then approved. Attach to the CT600. You should then be prompted to import the details.

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Replying to Viciuno:
By carnmores
18th May 2020 18:12

couldn't be easier

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By lionofludesch
18th May 2020 18:24

As always, the snag is that you can't finalise the accounts without calculating the tax. So you'll need to detach them, put the tax provision through and reattach them.

Which is a bit of a faff.

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