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Taxfiler - what to use for practice management?

Taxfiler looks a good package but what do people use for Practice Management?

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Taxfiler looks a good package but what do people use for Practice Management, letter and email writing and storage, deadlines etc?

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By marks
22nd Dec 2016 22:53

Expect you need to use something that is a standalone product or a collection of standalone products.

Options could be

1. Senta/Glide - for practice management
2. Microsoft Word - for letters
3. Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps - for emails
4. Dragon Dictate for both 2 and 3 above so can speak rather than type
5. Virtual Cabinet or Docusoft - for document management
6. Inform Direct - for deadlines and company secretarial
7. T Booker - for timesheets if you want to keep a track on time.

Really the choice in running any practice is do you want everything to run off the one integrated database such as IRIS, CCH, Digita, SAGE or do you want to have separate packages which enables you to add and drop things as you please and are usually in total cheaper than a total integrated system.

We use IRIS which is expensive but we use accounts production, business tax, personal tax, time and fees (only use the time part), automail, fixed asset register, practice managment, openlearning. Benefit is everything runs off the one database so only make changes once and everything updates, letters get generated automatically with names, addresses, taxes due etc and have different job types set up in practice management to keep track on where jobs are at (which at this time of year is critical as otherwise you could miss something).

We could have a cheaper option running with say taxfiler and other separate systems but in my opinion you lose efficiencies. Others say you don't and that's fine, everyone entitled to their opinion. At the end of the day if you are happy with how your practice runs then that the main thing.

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Replying to marks:
By Tomazaan
05th Jan 2017 20:39

I am looking for a stand alone timesheet programme. I have tried to find "T Booker" on Google but have only found a band. Please will you give more information about this suggestion so that I can locate it? Many thanks.

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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
23rd Dec 2016 13:08

IF MTD goes ahead in its current form and IF all clients adopt some form of accounts software there is an argument that Taxfiler is all you would need plus a PM bolt on.

For me the only drawback is that the accounts production in TF is just a form filler so you need a balanced TB and you cannot do journals in it.

If everyone is using Xero or QBO that fixes that problem.

I have looked at Senta which looks very good for PM and I also get XPM with Xero now so will look to go with one of them in the new year.

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By Brunel
24th Dec 2016 10:02

We're using Glide but it isn't yet all we need
Running Insightly alongside it is yet another system :(
Plan to evaluate Senta when there's time
Our software collection also includes Iris OpenSpace for signatures

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Jessica Pillow
By Jessica Pillow
05th Jan 2017 11:06

We`ve just launched a practice management software in October 2016 which we`ve established over the last 3 years in Pillow May and is similar to Senta but built on Salesforce CRM package so will give you Insightly capabilities too. It integrates together many standalone packages such as Outlook, Google, Xero, Dropbox, Companies House and we`re building new integrations all the time. See our website for further information - and do contact Ashley Leeds if you`d like a demo :)

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