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taxfiler with openspace

openspace not working properly if used with taxfiler subscription or am i not doing it properly?

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after spending a considerable amount of time to learn how e-approval and e-signing works when using iris openspace through taxfiler as advertised by taxfiler, my conclusion is that even though the docs are sent to clients via openspace, the e-approval and e-signing facilities dont work. Taxfiler support was not able to provide any assistance and they told me to take it up with iris. I am not happy as it is obviously, as i dont just want to send the docs to clients just to have them viewed on openspace but also to be able to eapprove and esign. I dont want to be critical here as i am not sure whatss going on, but has anyone else come across this and how dealt with? thanks.

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By Truthsayer
17th Mar 2020 10:21

I can't help, as the Taxfiler/Openspace combo has been working fine for me since I started using it last year.

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By neanderthal
19th Mar 2020 10:24

after a quick session with a very helpful iris support team member, everything is clear now and openspace is fully operational.

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