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Teach me to leave my phone on a Saturday morning

Teach me to leave my phone on a Saturday morning

I should really know this.... if a sole trader uses his parent's address as his business address, then there is the danger that CCJs etc could be registered at that address.  If a limited company has the same address and gets into problems, I can't think that there is any likely impact for the director's parents other than more nasty letters.

Fortunately, I've never dealt with a company in serious trouble, and this is only hypothetical.



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19th May 2012 12:56

What about . . . .

When nasty letters become bailiffs?

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19th May 2012 14:22


Would be an unwelcome and unpleasant experience, but they can only take goods belonging to the company, or so I believe.

I've only had one experience with a bailiff (and an ex-client) and they went off happy once they had a cheque in their hands for the overdue VAT!

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21st May 2012 09:14

Why would anyone want to

Why would anyone want to inflict the possibility of baillifs on their parents?. Always use a neutral RO to avoid problems eg accountants address . They may charge a small sum but it avoids aggro. I charge £150 PA  and my clients get pre-warning of trouble as do I

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