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Telegraph article 7th Sept

Telegraph article 7th Sept

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Did anyone else see this and wonder what planet Treasury/HMRC is on?  Who would trust them to do the payroll calculations after all the blunders?

I know this isn't a question but I am left speechless and had to share it with someone!  Sorry if you've all seen it and exploded already....



HMRC could take direct control of pay cheques after tax errors

HM Revenue and Customs could take direct control of every worker’s monthly pay cheque under plans to overhaul the error-prone income tax system.

07 Sep 2010

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By cymraeg_draig
14th Sep 2010 18:45

Is it April 1st ?

Every month thousands of workers would not get paid - and would spend the next 2 weeks trying to speak to some numptie at a call centre.

If HMRC want to bring the economy to a complete standstill in record time - this is the way to do it. 

This just has to be the result of some loony left idea of Gordon Brown's - his way of making EVERYONE work for "the state".  It really does smack of pseudo-communist dogma.


I have a simple message for HMRC - if you think for one second that I would trust you to pay my staff the correct amount, or give you the money to do it with, you are deluded.

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By Paul Scholes
14th Sep 2010 20:18

Chill!! the World's still turning

Hi Pippa - It's all to do with a consultation HMRC have put out for comment, so you can sit down again.

Rebecca Bennyworth has a great summary of the proposals (without all the hype) with lots of opinions already given. Have a look at it and post your concerns as AccountingWeb will be putting forward our views to HMRC on the consultation.  Alternatively put your own opinions to HMRC.

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