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Telemarketing for Accountants

Telemarketing for Accountants

We are planning to expand our practice and telemarketing picked our interest. Does anyone know any reputable telemarketing company whose focus is not just appointment but a proper prospective client's appointment. We are not keen to have an appointment with someone who is waste of time and money.

We have heard about the Jast Partnership? Does anyone used them?

What are the costs involve and is it worth having in the first place?



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01st Mar 2016 12:28

Once upon a time...
...this was like shooting fish in a barrel.

Today, it works, but it's not so effective.

Expect the whole exercise to cost as much as an acquisition by the time you've factored in the dead time and the running around.

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01st Mar 2016 12:40

it works. Be prepared to go to meetings for a waste of time. Be prepared to spent 6,8,10K per annum.

And then sit back and watch the cash come in from the new client. Do not believe the people that only say you will collect the dross. I didn't.

Try and get a firm that does "no win no fee", ie not going to charge you for attending each appt - it was something like £130 per meeting in 2008, but try and pay on success only.


The success all depends on where you're starting from. The issue will be when you have too much work that you begrudge going to appointments. But that took 4 years.

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01st Mar 2016 13:11

Not now, worked in the past. I built my first client base on it but now all come from referrals.


Had 2 bad experiences in the last 3 years with it and wouldn't spend another bean on it.

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01st Mar 2016 13:33

Do as you would be done by

I personally detest telemarketing calls, and even though we are on the TPS we still get plenty.  Although we have used telemarketing some 15 years ago, it would be rank hypocisy to subject other people to it now

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01st Mar 2016 14:36

It can work...

I also dislike marketing calls, yet have found with two practices I've been involved with, that it can work.  And you don't get the dross, as someone has already said - there are quite a few unhappy clients out there just waiting for a friendly accountant to say 'Howdy.'  (Not literally, obviously.)

The absolute key is identifying the right firm to work with. Otherwise you may as well just stand in the car park and burn your cash - it will be quicker and less painful.

And to re-iterate another point that's already been made, the investment you make is as much time as it is money.


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01st Mar 2016 17:51

15-20 years ago it was one of the quickest ways to get clients.  I built up a client base very quickly in my early years.  When accountants started telemarketing all those years ago, it was unheard of.  You got double glazing companies cold calling, but when accountants started doing it, people seemed to show a kind of 'respect' that they wouldn't show to a double glazing salesman.  Maybe because we were targeting other businesses as opposed to home owners.


These days, however, every accountant and his dog has had a go at telemarketing and the effect is much more diluted now than it was many years ago.  


It is a numbers game.  Yes it still works.  Just not half as well as it used to.

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