Ten Year anniversary charge

For the 1stTYA charge, is there a deduction in quarters for investments made part way thru period?

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On 2nd October 2012 a discretionary trust was set up. £100k was invested at the time, £100k was invested on 7th October 2017 and a final £125k was invested on 15th November 2019.

The trust is now worth £435k.  No other trusts have ever been set up by this person.

Is the ten year calculation, as follows:

a 435000    
b 325000    
c 110000    
d 22000    
e 5.057%    
f 1.517%    
Deposit   Complee Tax to
dates Value @ TYA Qtrs Pay
02-Oct-12 133846 x 40/40 * 1.517% = 2030.45
07-Oct-17 133846 x 19/40 * 1.517% = 964.46
15-Nov-19 167308 x 11/40 * 1.517% = 697.97
  435000   3692.87

Thank you for any pointers in the right direction

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By trucker
20th Nov 2022 09:25


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By More unearned luck
20th Nov 2022 16:35

The funds gifted 10 years ago have increased by 33.8%
The funds gifted 5 years ago have also increased by 33.8% but in half the time, and
The funds gifted 3 years ago have also increased by 33.8% in even less time.

All that seems highly improbable.

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