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Thanking my own posts

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I have been going round thanking my own posts. That's because I thought I was going to look at who thanked my posts but I was wrong. What did I do wrong?

I now have to go through the ordeal of getting this posted. Why did AccountingWeb make it harder to post? Maybe they wanted people to post less?


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By lionofludesch
07th May 2016 13:26

When I first joined this forum, the post and thanks counts were good indicators of whose advice was worth following. It's not so important to me these days.

Just as well, really .....

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Locutus of Borg
By Locutus
07th May 2016 14:22

The whole "thanks" thing is a scourge of the new site.

If you say something that people agree with then you get punished with half a dozen rather pointless spam thanks e-mails in your inbox.

But it does raise the intriguing prospect that if a poster is not liked, then their recent posts could be "thanks bombed" to annoy them!

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Replying to Locutus:
By petersaxton
07th May 2016 15:40

I think I will turn off notifications to avoid the mass of emails. I'll then come on the site once a week to ask questions and see what responses I have had. Anything more is just too much trouble wading through graphics and pointless blobs.

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Replying to petersaxton:
Hallerud at Easter
09th May 2016 09:38

But, the new site will penalise that approach.

If you log on once a week ,and respond at that juncture to comments to your posts, there is a very good chance (after a week) that your response will be buried within the thread with 70 other posts having been made in the intervening week coming in sequence after your new post.

The new "system" punishes those who do not respond quickly by moving their responses up the chain so nobody notices their posts.

There is of course the option of not using the respond key to avoid your post being ignominiously lost where nobody will find it ,which begs the question of the use of the "respond" key in the first place.

Frankly they really just need to restore the post title bar and set up a good way to quote the post to which you wish to respond, the indent in the thread approach is just going to prove annoying.

If they want a good example how picking up quotes/ part quotes can work, with the poster being responded named, there are plenty of sites that run their threads that way e.g. one that I believe works is "Student Room", maybe the web designers ought to take a look. (Posts clearly respond to particular other posts but integrity of timing of posts is intact)

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