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"Thanks for waiting, none of our advisors will be with you as soon as possible....

Our website contains lots of useless advice for agents, please visit

Your call is unimportant to us. Please continue to hold...."

There - fixed HMRC's automated service.

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By Jason Croke
05th Dec 2023 11:32

"and we will not tolerate any form of abuse (even though we deserve it for being utterly useless)"

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By tom123
05th Dec 2023 11:37

Did you happen to watch the One Show last week (yes, I am that old and dull)..

The HMRC hold music came in for a right pasting from Alex Jones and co,
plus, of course, the general waiting time.

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By Mr Hankey
05th Dec 2023 12:37

Call 0001: "We're particularly busy right now"
Call 0002: "We're particularly busy right now"
Call 0003: "We're particularly busy right now"
Call 9897: "We're particularly busy right now"

The dictionary defines particularly as "to a higher degree than is usual or average"

If no matter what time, what day, what week it's the same standard message, then that becomes the usual... there's nothing particularly about it!

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Replying to Mr Hankey:
By AdamJones82
05th Dec 2023 13:21

If I were cynical, I would say they provide that message to encourage people to hang up

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Replying to AdamJones82:
By Dib
05th Dec 2023 13:23

And if they don't, the hold music will probably cause that to happen!

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Replying to AdamJones82:
By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
05th Dec 2023 13:45

AdamJones82 wrote:

If I were cynical, I would say they provide that message to encourage people to hang up

I have never heard a message saying "Hello, today we have a lower than average wait time, so we expect to answer your call shortly, well ahead of our performance targets"

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By Calculatorboy
07th Dec 2023 23:11

Why are you people still wasting your time phoning hmrc ?

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Replying to Calculatorboy:
By SteveHa
08th Dec 2023 10:59

Academic, now, with the latest restrictions to their phone lines.

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By Matrix
08th Dec 2023 16:26

I called today to get all my 22-23 queries sorted. There were 8 different clients. None could have been sorted online.

The adviser says he expects he will continue to answer tax code queries etc next week. They are generally not happy and says our clients should complain so there is feedback (that it is not possible to get the required help online).

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