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Thanks to the Podcast this morning - I understand!

I am so glad I watched the Aweb podcast this morning

Didn't find your answer?

I am sure most of you are ahead of me here - but I now understand usual hours!

In our case (not uncommon) we are employed for 37 hours per week. (7.5 hrs Mon-thur, 7 hours Friday).

I read the CJRS guidance but couldn't make it fit - I needed numbers to help my brain.

Wrongly - I sat down with the actual calendar, and worked out the hours for July based on days in the week in that month.

Correctly - I now understand I should divide 37 hours by 7 (being the weekly pattern that repeats) and multiply by 31, being the calendar days in July.

This is a revelation - as I genuinely thought my attempt was correct.

I feel for those trying to cope with variable hours staff..especially at third hand for 'client' employees - at least I only have our own staff to worry about.

I am doing all remaining claims after the month has finished - as my operational managers cannot plan more than one day ahead..!

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By the_drookit_dug
23rd Jun 2020 10:24

Do you have a link to the podcast? I missed it.

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Replying to the_drookit_dug:
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By tom123
23rd Jun 2020 10:53

It was on the new AccountingWeb Live platform - link top right of website.

@RichardHattersley - will there be a link soon?

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Replying to tom123:
Richard Hattersley
By Richard Hattersley
23rd Jun 2020 14:29

Thanks for lighting up the bat signal, Tom.

Yes, this morning's Any Answers Live is now available for on demand viewing through this link:

You can join Any Answers Live every Tuesday. Keep an eye on our new AccountingWEB Live page and register for the upcoming events:

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23rd Jun 2020 11:45

I saw your question. I have got it into my brain now having used HMRC example. Worked it all out and then converted on to a simple spreadsheet. I am not an Excel wizard so had tp ask about rounding uop etc.
My problem is a client who WILL NOT pay his staff until the claim has been received. This is 25 variables who I bet he will bring all back for a few hours (two wine bars). he is making a huge fuss at working out the rota until the end of the month early (claim period). He normally does it up to 24th for paying on 31st. This we cant do now as it mucks up the hours. Thing is I know he could front it.

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By Emma Stinchcombe
23rd Jun 2020 14:34

Hi All,

You can view the webcast on demand here -

If you'd like to join next Tuesday's session, register here -

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