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Thats Better

Thats Better

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Just fired a complete arse who "had never been treated like this before"

And before I could stop myself I said "well you have now".

Not sure how professional it was, but it felt very good indeed.

Early doors me thinks.

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By ShirleyM
17th Apr 2014 15:40

You can enjoy the weekend now :)

Sacking a PITA client does have a very good 'feel good' factor.

I remember my first sacking many years ago. His records were rubbish, I was always having to chase him, he thought he was a charmer but he was creepy, and I had to take the guy to small claims in order to get paid. He couldn't believe I was serious when I sacked him.

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By ireallyshouldknowthisbut
17th Apr 2014 15:57

he has rung 3 times now.  Not

he has rung 3 times now.  Not answering!  He hasn't left a message, but if he does and its rude its getting recorded as he will no doubt make a fuss. 

Tit[***] works for the public sector and seems to think turnarounds of anything under 8 weeks to the simplest of requests is "reasonable".  Took 6 long months to file his tax return (late) and I just cannot be bothered any more. 

I actually sacked him in the first week April, and its taken this long for him to respond. Says it all. 

At least when he also said "how can I run a business like this?" and I didn't say "by sacking idiots like you".  Some decorum was kept. 

Just waiting for someone I actually do want to speak with to call back as I said I was off at 4pm........




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By Flash Gordon
17th Apr 2014 15:57

Open the bubbly!

Some things are worth celebrating :)

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By ACDWebb
17th Apr 2014 18:53

He'll be calling you a filthy Acco next ...

... see HERE. A very strange series indeed, but this one did make me chuckle at the 'feral accountants' :)

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By The Innkeeper
17th Apr 2014 16:37


I have a PITA client who does not seem to understand 'We do not wish to act for you any more...'

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Replying to accountantccole:
Red Leader
By Red Leader
17th Apr 2014 16:53

@The Innkeeper

Just keep saying to him in response to any query: "I am not your accountant any more. Please refer your query to your new accountant."

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