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That's it folks... for another year!

That's it folks... for another year!

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That's it folks... for another year!

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By Steve McQueen
01st Feb 2013 09:12

thank god!

Its my first one for 5 years and my memory had blurred the pain of the season.



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By blok
01st Feb 2013 09:41


I spent yesterday reviewing a lot of AML forms for new clients.

I never thought that would happen.

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John Stokdyk, AccountingWEB head of insight
By John Stokdyk
01st Feb 2013 11:49

The best of times, the worst of times...

From our view here at AccountingWEB, it seems like it was a very busy, but relatively peaceful SA season. The extra tax returns for child benefit claimants may well have filtered through to members' workloads.

But we did hear a few niggles with slow access times, the odd disappearing client (in the agent's online client list, rahter than actually physically disappearing - unless anyone has experienced that too) and the delays with email acknowledgements/

But what other nightmares occurred - we want to hear them all! And on the other side of the coin, were there any incidents that lightened your heart and renewed your faith in human nature? For example - an HMRC helpline person who answered the phone promptly, knew what they were talking about and sorted you out.

With support from Digita, we're looking to put a constructive twist on the traditional SA aftermath period by investigating what members can learn from their tax season torments so you can make things run more smoothly next year.

We're launching a quick survey to find what effect tax season has had on you, and what you plan to do differently next year. Are you going to ditch your D-list clients, or look into ways to streamlining your communication systems to cut the time it takes them to sent you the information you need to complete their returns?

Once you've posted any comments here, let us know in the What would you do differently? survey.

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Man of Kent
By Kent accountant
01st Feb 2013 13:53

Second one for me

My second tax return season as a sole practioner, quite enjoyed it really.

Full on for the month with several new clients picked up late on, managed to get the majority of work done by the end of last week. Spent yesterday morning with a client trying to bring his business back from the brink, did the last few tax returns last night.

Spent this morning with Mrs KA, shopping then lunch. Just clearing up a few loose ends this afternoon then looking forward to a weekend of DIY!!!


Next year I'll look to get tax returns done asap and can then use the silly season (December and January) to actively look for more work or take a holiday (prices are very cheap in January).



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Glenn Martin
By Glenn Martin
01st Feb 2013 14:16

@ Steve McQueen

now that your free are not going to give that guy a bell who wants his tax return doing for £50

providing you go and pick the papers up.

There might be a big queue at his door.



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