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The best accounting and stock management software

A client is looking for the best software for accounting and stock management with traceable stock

A client in the pharmaceutical industry is looking to move their bookkeeping from using spreadsheets to using accounting and stock management software. The accounting system and stock management system would have to integrate seamlessly. They have been recommended Xero with a stock management bolt on, Quickbooks and Sage 200. The stock management system is key for this business and they are looking for software that is user friendly. Does anybody have any experience/recomendation.


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By johnt27
07th Dec 2017 12:09

I would absolutely recommend Unleashed connected to Xero. It's relatively pricey but is staggeringly good.

I've had other clients recommend Exact (a cloud equivalent of Sage 200). Personally, I don't like it as much as Unleashed but this probably down to training/familiarity issues.

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07th Dec 2017 12:49


Have you looked at


I know a few other accountants who use it and are pleased .

It integrates with Xero and Quickbooks and has the facilty to build your own API to integrate.

This is an area where Exact shine as well.

It is worth looking at them all

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By mjcpage
10th Dec 2017 15:32

You mention Sage200 which, in my view, is an expensive option and - again in my view - not so user friendly.

I suggest you look at Sapmanv12. This does link with Sage 50 and is from an approved Sage developer.

The key is to use the Sapmanv12 SoP, PoP and Stock and not the Sage50 Stock etc. (just use their financials) – Sapmanv12 automatically updates Sales & Purchase ledgers in Sage50.

This way you get things like Serial & Batch Number Traceability & multiple locations (if needed) & multi-currency, barcoding Etc. – whilst still being able to use Sage5 which is significantly less expensive than Sage 200.

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14th Dec 2017 13:26

Before proceeding with this post, I should point out that I work for the company I’m about to mention – Anagram Systems.

We provide a stock management and accounting system for SME pharmaceutical companies called Encore.

Our software includes functionality that has been designed for companies in this sector, including full batch traceability, recipe and formula storage, hazardous good information storage and production planning.

We’ve been established for 36 years and Encore is used by more than 2,000 companies in the UK.

Full details about Encore are available on our website. We would be pleased to provide you with more information and an online demonstration if this is of interest.

Kind regards,

Nick Hardy

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14th Dec 2017 10:54

I will also declare that I am the principal director, shareholder and developer of a potential software application that might be worth review if you do decide to consider options related to Sage Line 50

The software in question is named Orbitall and was developed initially as a result of my involvement in an engineering company that required traceability of components as a consequence of involvement with the MOD.

Functionality includes full batch traceability, bill-of-material (recipe and formula), process instruction definition, production planning, related product costing, and fully integrated sales and purchase order management with seamless financial integration to Sage Line 50.

I am a self employed software consultant/developer for more than 25 years and have 35 years experience behind me.

I have a limited number of clients and consequently there are pluses and minuses in dealing with a company of my size which any prospective client has to take into account.

Clients have included those involved in supply of medical joint replacement items, soap production, animal feed distribution and as mentioned above engineering.

Details are available at the Orbitall website and I also would be pleased to provide you with further information and an online demonstration if my application appears of interest


Tom Hartopp

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14th Dec 2017 11:12

Well done to the two guys who have stated that they represent software in the market before explaining there products.

This is a standard that AWeb should encourage/enforce

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to pauljohnston
14th Dec 2017 11:55

Absolutely right fellow Paul - kudos to them for their professionalism.

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14th Dec 2017 13:09

Liberty Accounts is a cloud based solution that has an integrated stock control module. I was involved in the original design of the stock control module, which was for a food industry client, with bills of material included, so it is more than just a single tier system.

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By tom123
14th Dec 2017 13:12

I use Sage 200 in manufacturing, and stock management is fine.

The thing is, stock management is fiddly (whatever system you use) and does require some understanding.

There is a difference between something being user friendly and setting yourself up to fail by using untrained or inexperienced staff.

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14th Dec 2017 20:51

Merlin is pretty good but tie them down on training.

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15th Dec 2017 20:59

I have looked at a product called BatchRecorder for several clients. In the end they both chose to go for a bespoke option because of a few other factors, but it may be useful for you

FWIW, I am not affiliated with the company and receive no benefit in mentioning their name. But I believe it is a useful and practical product and integrates with Sage 50

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By raj128
21st Dec 2017 09:36

There are tons of Stock management softwares out in the market and many of them are good. But you should look for which suits you the best.

Can you please explain what features are you looking for?

If you are looking for these features,

1. Manage your complete workflow from sales, purchasing and delivery
2. Track purchases, drop shipping real-time. Able to track full & partial shipments.
3. Maintain your customer reports, invoices, purchases, orders etc
4. Provide a channel based & customer oriented performance report. Makes payment & invoices process easy.
5. In-built tasks and notes feature enables users to collaborate on, share, and store files.
6. Invoices can be created in different currencies, and items from multiple sales orders can be consolidated into a single invoice.
7. Sales are reported in real time, in base currencies, and can be filtered by product, supplier, salesman, and more.
8. Sales orders, quotes, and other documents can be created in PDF format and emailed to customers on the go, from mobile devices.

If yes, combination of a good cloud-based stock management system and an accounting system would be perfect.

From my experience, I would recommend you to try EMERGE App ( with Xero.

Let me know if you have any doubts

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01st Aug 2018 05:03

If you're still looking for recommendation, I would say EMERGE App is the best suite.

EMERGE App can connect with QuickBooks and Xero for advanced accounting. But it has basic accounting setup inside software which is easy to use and very straightforward.

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to RavirajHedge
01st Aug 2018 08:02

See previous posts by Paul & Paul congratulating posters for stating their self interest in their ‘advert’.

It’s just not cricket not to. (And easily spotted).

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