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The New CT41G

The New CT41G

I have today received a new form letter from HMRC entitled Corporation Tax, Information for new companies. As a long time agent I find this form confusing. The internet links don't work properly and I cannot find how to inform HMRC that the company needs to register for corporation tax and PAYE.

It was easy to fill out the old form so is this progress?


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13th May 2012 16:04

New CT41G
Strange you should mention that as I completed my first online "ct41g" today. Easy enough to do. No director's details required though, which I found odd. I have noticed over the last few months that automatic issuing of ct41g's seems to be spasmodic. So, something else we need to make a diary note of. We need the letter or a form to get the CT UTR as there is no guarantee that a 64-8 with just the coreg number will actually get registered to be able to get the UTR online (indeed 64-8's seem to be very hit and miss generally).

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