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The New Penalty Regime

The New Penalty Regime

Have you put into Google for a world search IRS BUSINESS EXPENSES

I would like to know what accountants and tax advisors think about what I consider a far more open and honest site the Americans have with their IRS than we have with the HMRC.

I also down loaded their PDF on travel entertaining subsistance etc.

What a contrast one has there.

The IRS is very clear about what you can claim. And there TIPS are great.

I feel the HMRC just likes mystery. The more mystery the more penalties.

The HMRC is a crap operation compared to the IRS and now with the age of the internet YOU can compare.

Come on folks lets get the HMRC bosses the sack



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By Anonymous
10th Dec 2008 09:24

In answer to your question ...
I can confirm that I have never searched for IRS BUSINESS EXPENSES in Google.

They do appear to make goo use of their website and their local offices are called Taxpayer 'Assistance' Centers. Aside from federal holidays they seem to do their best to keep them open barring extreme weather:

"Hurricanes and hurricane-like conditions may affect hours in operations in TACs. Before you visit a TAC in an affected area, please call the local telephone number to hear up-to-date hours of operation".

I haven't had any direct dealings with them but i understand that they have a good relationship with tax advisors (not necessarily CPAs). There seems to be a mutual respect and rapport - which might have once been the case here. (Bit of a generalisation I know).

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10th Dec 2008 09:17

I see what you mean
But I still think our revenue is the most efficient and helpful.

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