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The New Taxcalc

The New Taxcalc

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Hi everyone

I would like to know if anyone has tested the new Tax Calc (Pro) yet and what their thoughts are on performance, ease of use etc (especially with regard to the Corporation Tax moduke). I believe it has only just been released so apologies if my question is a little premature.

Thanks guys.

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By AnonymousUser
12th Jul 2005 10:44

I ended up going with PTP Tax Return. It works fine and doesn't cost the earth.

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By Red Pepper
11th Jul 2005 18:31

Problems with Taxcalc
I have finally decided to drop Taxcalc, because of incomplete product, dealys, insufficient support. Their telephone number (01392 824824) has been cancelled without a redirection and the number on the website is only a recorded message!
I have asked them for a full refund and am evaluating other software.
Have any (potential)users of Taxcalc 2005 decided to leave them and been successful in obtaining refunds? Has anybody found a current phone number for them? Plaese do let us know.

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By johndenny
21st May 2005 01:14

TaxCalc 2005 - Capital Allowances
I've just downloaded the above and I've done a couple of examples to get the feel of the new software.
On both examples the calculation of taxable profit has ignored Capital Allowances.
Anybody else with the same problem?
P.S. (added the following day)
My earlier comment only applies to returns with a turnover of less than £15000 where the option to state total expenses is taken rather than giving the detailed breakdown. I know the box on the return states "total ... including capital allowances" but I don't recall the 2004 version being the same.

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By Anonymous
13th May 2005 09:32

Downloaded mine yesterday. A bit different to the usual Taxcalc but once I got the hang of it it's just as easy.
Have done a couple of SA returns without any problems. Found it easier to work with a mix of Interview mode and Forms mode. Probably just until I get used to the new look.

Print is now much better than last year as it prints just like a return rather than all squashed up.

The Tax summary sheet is clearer and easier for my clients to understand. Tried it out on one yesterday and they followed it without any help from me. That was a first!

The Corp Tax version is not released yet and according to the software will not be ready until early June.

There are a couple of small problems one being asking for spouse name when the client is marked as single (when you click on the check button). When clicking on the link to change it it takes you to a different area. Will be reporting this to Taxcalc shortly.

The other problem is where previous taxcalc automatically completed boxes for you if they are supposed to be the same this one does not. Box 3.65 and 3.112 are the ones I found so far.

Overall I would say on first impression it is better than last year's but still needs some work and no doubt all the feedback they will get will lead to these items being corrected on future releases.

Will be doing more returns today so will report any more problems if I find any.

Thought I'd just add that the tax calculation is not affected by these small quirks. I did manual checks just to make sure.

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