Albert Camus
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I have just read this on Accountancy Age. The bolding is mine. For one letter that tried to point out a tax problem - albeit in a way that was not the most professionally adept - I was fined £30,000 and thrown out from the ICAEW and have been refused readmittance on several occasions. This guy tries to MURDER someone and is allowed to remain a member and fined just £2,240!!! 

Where the **** is the justice in this:

“Former convict spared sanctions by ICAEW

AN ICAEW MEMBER who was jailed for soliciting to murder will face no sanctions from the institute due to the "exceptional circumstances" of the case.

The member, who is unnamed, was convicted of soliciting to murder in 2001, and sentenced to serve six years in prison.

He resigned his ICAEW membership and told the institute he was going abroad and did not intend to practise. Months later, he informed the ICAEW of his imprisonment, and the institute decided that it would take no further action while he was out of membership.

Now out of prison, he was turned down from re-admittance to the ICAEW in 2006, but successfully re-applied in 2011. His conviction details were then passed onto the ICAEW's investigation division.

A breakdown in family relationships was given as background to the offence.

If aware at the time of his sentencing in 2001, the institute's tribunal would have excluded him from membership and recommended he not be readmitted for ten years.

But in "the exceptional circumstances of this case, the passage of time, the evidence of rehabilitation and that he had been readmitted to membership", no sanction has been imposed. The tribunal noted that the ICAEW's re-admission committee had, on the second occasion, decided he was a fit and proper person to serve as a member.

He has been ordered to pay £2,240.66 in costs.”

A furious 

Albert Camus


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17th Aug 2012 14:55

More information needed

If you can track down some more details of the original trial you can presumably chose a similar family member and tout around for someone who might do them in (I have some clients who may help out there).  Presumably what you then must ensure is that they are not actually done in, then reapply for membership making full disclosure....simples!


Would never happen in the ACCA, they let me in!

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By Locutus
17th Aug 2012 15:16

Albert - What did you do for your harsh treatment from ICAEW?

Genocide?  Mastermind of a global terrorist organisation?

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17th Aug 2012 15:31


Sounds like all you need to do, Albert, is provide the evidence. However, this might require the unpalatable - that you agree ICAEW were correct to discipline you as they did, that you are truly penitent and that there is little chance of reoffending.

I agree with you, the whole thing stinks.

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17th Aug 2012 16:45

Just a thought and you might

simply discount it and, given what you've gone through, who would blame you - have you ever thought of seeking a meeting with your MP and seeing what he/she might be able to do?

Although I haven't a great deal of time for them, I do hear some positives and they are meant to look out for their constituents.

With this case history, you never know, ICAEW might offer you board membership!!

 One of my old pals, who was hauled before the board (ICAEW) for a very minor misdemeanour, said that, when he retired, he would return his practicing certificate and advise the members to "shove it, where the sun don't shine"!. I lost touch with him, but I just hope he did.

You really couldn't make this crap up, could you?

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18th Aug 2012 13:56

Many years ago

I was on a TVSCA* committee (*a regional section of the ICAEW). A member of that committee served on the disciplinary committee and I never forget him saying what a pleasurable day he had had administering "justice" to errant fellow members. Says it all really.

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18th Aug 2012 15:47

Albert,have you appealled to the High Court?

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19th Aug 2012 00:47

Can you post a copy of the letter

with all names censored of course, so we can see what you did wrong.


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19th Aug 2012 01:13


Hi, if you are truly interested in my case, please read my posting here:

If you are still interested and would like to help, please PM me and I will let you have a complete pack of all the actions, correspondence and court cases that have happened, together with the plan of how you can get involved.

Kind regards


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19th Aug 2012 01:37

As you may know...

...I know and work with Albert and I did suggest that he not post this article. However, as it has been posted, if you are interested in this matter, may I suggest that you also read the section in this report regarding equal opportunities and my reply to the ICAEW:



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19th Aug 2012 07:52

Everybody deserves a fair trial. Will PM you Albert.

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20th Aug 2012 09:32

@ Steve and Albert: I wonder

I wonder if this is a useful forum for organising and launching a petition?

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