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Till Software

Till Software

Hi All,

Can anyone suggest to me a software that can be downloaded and installed onto a pc that will work in conjunction with a barcode scanner. All i want it to do is to scan each time a sale is processed and it will bring up the product and price to which you can apply discounts. At the end of the day, this becomes the total sales record for the day.

Also if it can manage the stock levels, that would be good.

Also be good if when you scan a barcode and it doesnt recognise, gives you option to add new product and you add this with a price and continue with sale.

Master data options to select vat on some of the lines as some of the products are non vat so would not want to apply a consistent rate to all sales.

Export some sales reports?

any suggestions?

Most appreciated.

Many thanks.


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23rd Feb 2012 15:03


try vend

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06th Mar 2012 11:50



This maybe too late, but I would like to suggest Encore from Anagram Systems. I work with them and believe the Essentials Retail package would more than meet your needs and leave room for growth. It will handle your EPOS and Bar Code Scanning needs, offer you stock control and accounting in one package. No monthly fee, just an upfront purchase and small yearly support charge. For more information on their Stock Control Software please click here

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By Cube
13th Feb 2013 19:20


A bit of a late reply, however it may help someone else:

DHPOS   ...   the free Dale Harris solution. Runs on old windows boxes.

Unicenta   ...  free, apparently good



Retail Man   ...   commercial

POSibolt (a code fork of POSterita)   ...   cloud/commercial


... the list goes on and on.

And yes, you guessed, the last one (only) is a wind-up.




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