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Time extension on voluntary Digital Disclosure?

Nearing the 90 day cut-off date without clarity

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I started a voluntary disclosure process nearly 90 days ago, for a client who told me she has preciously unrecorded US trust income. Nearly 90 days later I am still unclear whether or not there is relevant income. She uses an accountancy firm in the UK for her US tax return, but has been 'unable' to speak to them to get clarity, I have until May 6th to get inside the 90 days.
She's asked for a time extension - is this likely?

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By Grayson Moore
28th Apr 2019 17:27

Yes you can contact them and request an extension. You need to decide how much time you realistically need as a subsequent extension(s) will be harder to get agreed.

Why is she dealing with the other UK firm herself? I'd be requesting a written authority from her and contacting them direct.

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