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Time for an upgrade

Time for an upgrade

As some members will be aware, we have been experiencing time out and load issues for some time now. This may have disrupted your service from time or time, or you may not have been affected by it. Either way, we need to fix it, so we are upgrading to a new platform and loading onto a new server.

We’re using this as an opportunity to improve some things too, and we’d like your input on this so we’re having a member consultation phase. 

If you feel you would like to be part of our focus group over the next 2-3 weeks, then please send me a private message expressing your interest.  We will then set up a private discussion group where we will put ideas to you that you can comment on.  There will be some scope for you to make suggestions too, I know some of you have made feature and function requests to me in the past and I have catalogued these for this very opportunity.

As part of this consultation phase it would be really useful if we could have a telephone conversation with some of you as well, about 10-15 minutes only. If you are happy to be contacted then please provide your phone number and name in your private message to me. We will not pass this information on to third parties, and we will only use it on this occasion to contact you for consultation purposes. We might not need to contact you, but if you are happy for us to then let us know.

Our new Head of Community, Jenny Ogden, will be heading up this project, and will be part of the discussion group once we set it up. It will also be Jenny who conducts the phone conversations.

Thank you in advance of your involvement.


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11th Mar 2011 12:08


Thanks for the introduction Becky.

We've already received a few messages from volunteers so thank you for those. Please do get in touch if you want to be involved.

You can read more about me and access my contact details on my profile page.

Many thanks


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