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time limit when reclaiming VAT

time limit when reclaiming VAT

lease has been bought and pub/restaurant being renovated.

I understand there is a 6 month limit on reclaiming vat relating to "services". Someone has mentioned there may be a 4 month limit but I can't find anything about it....could any of the esteemed correspondents confirm if this is the case or not?

many thanks in advance



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13th Jan 2012 18:06

Is this for pre-registration?

The general rule (subject to certain conditions of course) is that expenses incurred before registration is;

4 years prior to registration for goods

6 months prior to registration for services

Is that where you have the 6 and 4 from?


If the expense relates to taxable supplies then claim the VAT on your next VAT return.

The actual status of refurb costs I am unsure of though without looking into at greater detail.


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to Smokoe Joe
14th Jan 2012 13:03

thanks...yes I was only aware of the 6mths or 4 yrs......but client said he had been speaking to someone at vat, not sure if he's got the wrong end of the stick and mixed up the 4yrs with 4months!

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