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Recommendations for Time management software

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My client is looking at ways to improve the time mamagement of their employees, particulary so that they can compare against time factored into customer quotes and see where overruns are arising.  Their business is within production and they have c.14 employees.  They are currently using Quickbooks for their accounting needs, so something that would work well with that would be great.  Does anyone have any recommendations or experience to share?  


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paddle steamer
21st Nov 2022 10:33

First question has to be,

How readily can individual job tasks be defined and how easy/difficult is it going to be for staff to record start/stop times?

Second question,

How will staff view this, will they see it as management using it as a tool against the staff, will they then be under pressure re where they allocate their time, will what you get be part fiction?

Time recording is fine but can be quite labour intensive and how the data gets used is crucial.

( Years ago I audited a kitchen manufacturer where staff earned bonuses on piecework, if regular repetitive tasks performed would this be a better route to raising productivity?)

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Replying to DJKL:
By Jan CM
21st Nov 2022 12:13

Thank you for your response DJKL.

The staff currently manually complete timesheets, which are analysed but not in sufficient detail - more just to recognise hours are in line with what employees have worked and to check overtime levels. The analysis that is produced isn't on a timely basis. So, a system would ideally help improve the information available and how timely this is.

But one of the key reasons it's being considered is to review productivity and feedback information to the whole team. The reporting would be key too, to ensure it doesn't cause an opposite affect and it doesn't overload the team with irrelevant information.

I think it would be easy to sell it to the staff from the point of view of automating what they are already doing and therefore should save time.

Good point on the bonus - the business isn't that dissimilar to your kitchen manufacturer client, so perhaps something like that might be worth considering.

Thanks again

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John Toon
By John Toon
21st Nov 2022 13:01

If this is Quickbooks Online, Intuit acquired one of the best time recording apps T-sheets a long time ago and I'd take a look at this. If it's desktop I'd start with a move to the cloud

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By Hugo Fair
21st Nov 2022 13:21

Plenty of clouds here today ... and what seems like unending rain.

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By Tomazaan
24th Nov 2022 10:50

I use MinuteDock which links in with Quickbooks. Does all that I want at a reasonable price.

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