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Time on your hands this weekend? Need a laugh?

Research into HMRC's proposition for an increasingly effortless experience for individual customers

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The summary says that it's "Research to explore what an increasingly effortless customer experience might look like for customers across various tax and benefits regimes".

I've not read any further yet, because my sides started to split at the thought that's obviously been expended on those few words ... although some plain English, instead of random extracts from one of the Big 4 consultancy arm's Book of Gobbledygook (sorry, modern business jargon) might have lowered my pain levels.

I intend to have a proper read over the weekend - but thought there could be other sad sacks out there who shouldn't miss out on the opportunity for some free entertainment?  If so try


UPDATE: Amongst the 60+ 'alerts' from HMRC that I received overnight (last day of the month deadlines I guess), there's another one that might be worth a look - even if it's more likely to generate groans of anguish than howls of laughter ...

["HMRC commissioned qualitative research to understand what ‘ease’ and ‘getting things right’ means to customers - Individuals, Small Businesses, and Agents (ISBA) Survey 2020"].

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By tom123
01st Jul 2022 10:12

They have realised their error - "Page not found "

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Replying to tom123:
By Hugo Fair
01st Jul 2022 10:17

Thanks ... I've edited the URL in OP (there were 3 spurious characters that somehow got appended) ... but I love the idea that HMRC would ever recognise any form of error at their end!

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By David Ex
01st Jul 2022 11:42

Not had a chance to read but looks like the typical large organisation chasm between what they actually do and what their PR department and management think they do. As we know, MTD for IT demonstrates exactly what they think of small businesses.

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01st Jul 2022 12:23

50+ pages on how to make things easier.

Unbelievable Jeff.

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By Paul Crowley
01st Jul 2022 13:10

Just so much waste of resource
Surely HMRC has some proper work to do

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By Tornado
01st Jul 2022 13:16

More Rubbish

Why are expensive surveys such as this required to tell HMRC what they already know.

The FIRST priority is to make it easy for people to communicate with HMRC such as providing telephone helplines that are answered within a minute and the caller can be put through quickly to someone who can answer their query.

The SECOND priority is for HMRC to embrace the digital age and let people communicate with then by email and such emails to be answered quickly and helpfully.

The THIRD priority is to simplify the tax system so that people can understand it and then will not need to contact HMRC with queries

HMRC will definitely need to improve significantly on all of these points, especially when hundreds of thousands of people try to get to grips with MTD and phone HMRC for help -

* My computer won't turn on. What do I do.
* I received a deposit from a tenant. Is this taxable and where do I put it in Xero
* The dog ate my bank statements. Can I estimate my income.
* I want to claim 100% allowance on my new car and the 18% writing down allowance as well, how do I do this.

Rather them than me !

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By 356B
01st Jul 2022 19:50

Life's too short.
Yet another HMRC "initiative".

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