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Time recording software

Time recording software

I use Digita for Accounts, Personal Tax and Corp Tax.

My old time recording system has just fallen over.

Any recommendations? I am looking at Harvest but seems to lean towards project based matters. Obvously cheap is good but ease of use is important so looking for value rather than cheap.

While I'm at it - I will be reviewing whether to keep Digita as they are fairly expensive - any recommendations?


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11th Feb 2010 01:11

DIY Excel?

Obviously this depends on how many you are and the complexity you need but when I moved my practice out of a larger firm, using Iris Time & Fees, to end up with 5 people I borrowed a simple excel time sheet from another firm and upgraded it to match how the Iris "time" worked.  After all, a time ledger is only a series of rows containing person's initials, client name (or non-charge activity), date, numbers, work type, job, billed? or wip? and Excel functionality (especially pivot tables) is perfectly adequate to cope with this.

Each person kept their own timesheet recording the time entries line by line and then each week the entries were copied & inserted into a master which contained the functionality we needed to generate wip, time billed and other reports.

It lasted us 3 years before we dumped timesheets completely and I saved myself not only hundreds of pounds in cost but also the time in keeping parts of a formal system that didn't really apply to us.

Definately worth a try if you are not after a sophisticated system.  Also, don't discount the fact that someone like me may persuade you in a couple of years that time recording is not necessary to maintain a healthy practice and can, in many instances, be a barrier to making the most of your time.

As far as alternative systems, I swear by IRIS.  Not cheap but worth its weight.

Good Luck


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11th Feb 2010 01:30


You say that Digita is expensive but it is cheaper than comparable systems. Digita has brought out Time and Fees recently. Given the level of integration possible it would be difficult to suggest anything else with the same value for money. Similarly, if you try to move from Digita you will only save money at the expense of efficiency.

How much are you spending with Digita?

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By Anonymous
11th Feb 2010 08:05


American product so USD$

But for under 10 users it is free

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