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Time recording software for IT developers

Time recording software for IT developers

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I would be interested in the community's thoughts on the following.

My client is an IT developer who works on projects typically for 3-6 months for each client with their team of 10. They are keen to better understand if their pricing systems are robust, and indeed the time taken versus original estimates.

Now obviously most dynamic professions have moved away from a time based costing system, but they are keen to find a low cost solution for their team to start capturing time.

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Thank you


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20th Feb 2013 13:29

Time trackers

A list here, some of which are Free:

And some more free ones here:

Yes, I know you asked for 'recommendations' ! But it does depend on how they intend to use it,

There are also simple add-ins for Outlook and Thunderbird which allow allocation of time to different projects, and I think Lotus Notes does this too.

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20th Feb 2013 21:41

FreeAgent (Iris OpenBooks)

Has a nice time recording and billing system built in to the basic accounting.  A PR consultancy client of mine with about the same number of people used it just for this without needing the accounting bit.

Although I've yet to see it in action WorkflowMax also has time recording & billing as well as job planning and again, via Xero, feeds into the accounting.

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21st Feb 2013 10:36


We are a project based IT business an we use (and love) Toggl. It is a web based system but with desktop and mobile apps that mean you can track time to clients and projects wherever you are.

It is free for up to 5 users and then $5 per user per month thereafter. Pro version is also chargeable. We not only record time in it but use it as supporting documentation for our clients for billing purposes.

I'd give it a try


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