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Still going strong

Anyone still using Timebank - a bank of 3 digital clocks for time recording? It was marketed by Timebank Products Ltd who seem to have disappeared a long time ago - not even listed on Companies House.

I have been using mine virtually every working day for over 20 years and it is still going strong without any change in battery!!! Scared to open it up to look at the battery in case I wreck it!!


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17th Feb 2018 17:37

Never heard of it but it sounds jolly interesting.

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17th Feb 2018 17:40

I had one of these, or something very like it, a good few years ago. I didn't look at the battery but it leaked anyway leaving the machine useless and removing the polish from my desktop as a reminder of what had been!

It was good while it lasted though

(Not sure if having had a polished wood desktop is a sign of age in this time of laminate surfaces! That desk was left behind 20 years ago )

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