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Timebank time recording machine

Timebank time recording machine

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About 5 years ago we bought a machine for recording time spent on clients. It has 3 digital clocks with space for three post-it pads. When you move to a new client the new clock starts and the old stops. It's easy to swith between clients as phones ring etc.
Felicity Huston

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By stanbu
10th May 2002 19:32

Time Recording Clocks Software
I have written a software equivalent for my own use, which provides for 10 clocks, and which has client name, client code and narrative availability against each clock. The client name and code are built up into a database, including provision for client telephone number, which can then be selected and applied to a clock from a drop down list.

As each clock is activated it stops the previous clock and entries including time can be stored in a file.

If there is sufficient interest in it, I could make it available for a small fee.

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By cbales
10th May 2002 10:45

Have you searched the online auction sites?
There are dozens of online auction sites so I suggest that you check them out and see if you can find any. You can also leave search requests on some of the major ones which will result in an email to you if any items with relevant keywords are listed.

Start with big sites such as ebay -
Yahoo auctions -
and qxl -

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