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Tis the season of godwill but ..


i have found using NEST & Pensions Regulatory sites a total nightmare over the year . they are both hopeless in my view and should be updated to make them more user firendly . I have wasted so much time on them this year i have very little good to say about them  eg NEST error message are basically useless why they can t be more speecific with what is wrong is beyond me and why when reduced to entering contributions manually  they dont have a visible total that can only be accesssed by downloading,  its ridiculaous


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12th Dec 2017 08:42

Error messages in general are rubbish. It's not confined to NEST.

They're written by geeks for geeks to preserve jobs for Geek to English translators.

Fortunately for me, the "copy" feature is good enough for most of my cases. I rarely upload a csv file.

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to lionofludesch
12th Dec 2017 19:42

even the 'copy' feature is hard to retrieve after you have enrolled new employees on line. i have a client with 50 employees and aprox 15 have different bonuses every month

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By jcace
to carnmores
12th Dec 2017 22:18

Get them to use BrightPay. If you get NEST setup correctly in BrightPay, you can enrol new staff members, submit contributions and even initiate payment all from within the software.

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to jcace
13th Dec 2017 13:23

as you can with moneysoft , but the whole process is a nightmare

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