Tolley Library Elements - ICPA Membership

Tolley Library Elements - ICPA Membership

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I am a sole practitioner and have been looking at making a change from the Ross Martin website.

I have taken a Tolley's trial and had a sales call suggesting that Tolley Library Elements would be a good fit.

The price quoted for 12 months seemed reasonable but I would need to sign up for 3 years to fix this 'special price' going forward (subject to a 5%, or so, annual increase....).

I'm not interested in a contract exceeding 12 months and I really don't like the way they sell these type of products.

  • Are there any users who can provide feedback specifically on Tolley Library Elements?
  • Is this the same product that comes with ICPA membership that is cheaper and comes with other benefits?
  • Any feedback on ICPA in general?

Thanks in advance.



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By FactChecker
17th Apr 2024 18:26

With regard to ICPA ... see
I've no insight as to how they're operating without Tony, but 'quietly' seems accurate?

Tolleys ... if you "really don't like the way they sell these type of products", then you'll certainly not enjoy the process of getting them to accept your eventual cancellation.

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panda ketteringUK
By ketteringUK
17th Apr 2024 20:04

Unfortunately it's not the same anymore after Tony stepped away.

Very few informative emails, budget pocket guide-book has been replaced with long pdf so it's no longer practical. You might as well look at HMRC website.

Also some inaccurate information about the members on the website.

Frankly thinking of cancelling it. Long time ago Tony was able to source ICAEW member to review and countersign the accounts at a fee - not sure if they do that now. About a 1-2 years ago used free Vantage phone line for tax queries and was felt like 2nd class sort so not using this facility any longer. Apart from the logo which you can put on the website, can't find any benefits especially as the PI is charged to your membership direct debit.

One thing worth noticing - ICPA appears on the list of HMRC recognised bodies so it might be worth sticking with them in the anticipation of new rules of supervision which HMRC consults on.

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Replying to ketteringUK:
By spilly
17th Apr 2024 23:56

Don’t forget that membership also includes your PII so can be worth it for that alone. The CPD offers aren’t too bad either.

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By Waves
18th Apr 2024 07:33

What’s your reason for wanting to change from Ross Martin?

For what it costs, I think it’s the better value. And the lack of a Tolley tie-in is a big plus for me

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Replying to Waves:
By Elgin
18th Apr 2024 09:42

I've had a trial of Tolley and the search functionality and practical guidance looks useful.

I'm looking for small company reporting too rather than just tax and this seems to come as part of the library for these.

So far, Tolleys and Bloomsbury are offering a 12 month subscription.

Croner i used to come with AAT membership and this covered my requirements. It's now only offered at 25% discount.

If ICPA membership comes with the same product as Tolley Library Elements it's a cheaper route than Tolley's direct!

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By Yossarian
18th Apr 2024 10:59

I've recently made the switch from Ross Martin to ICPA, partly due to Ross Martin's recent price increase. I've never been a direct subscriber to Tolley Library Elements so can't definitively say that what I have access to via ICPA is exactly the same. If you want to send me a PM I can email a screenshot of what I see when I log in to Tolley if that would help?

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