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How to better one self


looking for some advice- I have found lately I have became a little too comfortable with the day to day task within my job (management accountant)

i am thinking about taking a step back and reviewing my own work for the weaknesses and how to improve as recently although the work is getting done my attention to detail is lacking slightly

when I worked in within practice found I was always going on courses and keeping up with new techniques and getting new ideas and putting them into practice.

I do think at times it is better to go back to basics with accounts preparation etc does anyone know of any courses or even just online courses?




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13th Aug 2017 11:53

Have a dig around the site. Or maybe just try this for starters

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16th Aug 2017 09:11

It is quite probable that you are in the right place now for training.

As a management accountant you will know that your skills, amongst others, include being able to advise managers about the financial implications of projects; explaining the financial consequences of business decisions; and formulating business strategy. Combined with your ability communicate and determine what information management needs and to explain the numbers to non-financial managers – now is the time to put it all into practice.

Whatever your industry you are going to have customers, suppliers and sell products or services. Extract the data from your financial system and start analysing it. At this stage you are not trying to prove or disprove anything – you are looking for trends, patterns, peaks and troughs. When you spot them analyse further to understand the reason – couple it with other relevant data – it may be that some corrective action is needed or that there is an opportunity to explore further. You can apply this equally to customers, suppliers, services and products.

The more meaningful data you have the more informed your decision making will become. Rule nothing out – why not look to check that some unrelated suppliers have the same bank account – which happens to be the same as an employee’s?
Are your top ten customers actually who you thought they were…..

I am sure you will enjoy the challenge; you should get some surprising results; good luck.

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