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Training costs - allowable?

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I operate as a self employed bookkeeper and one of my clients is a small private primary school and trades as a company, not VAT registered. 

One of the teachers specialising is art (also a director and head of the school) wants to undertake a days training in a particular art/craft subject, with a view to passing those skills onto the pupils. Will the costs be allowable for tax purposes - as they wouldn’t undertake the course if it wasn’t for their position at the school?  Also reading up on ‘training costs’ it is a new skill area for him, original training in same general subject area, so not sure if that is relevant here.

Thanks in advance for any replies


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By Accountant A
07th Feb 2019 16:29

Intrigued. He's an art teacher at a primary school but needs training for some radically different form of art - for primary school children??

If you are a bookkeeper, are you qualified and insured to give tax advice? It's tempting to try and be helpful but there's no shame in admitting it's not your area of expertise.

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By Vile Nortin Naipaan
07th Feb 2019 18:05

Training costs are never allowable. Not on this forum.

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