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Training in property Investment

Training in property Investment

A client, who already has one let property, is planning  to attend a £5,000 property Investment course to launch her dream of making money from Buy-to-let properties - I have opinions, but that isn't the issue...

She has been told by accountant at the training company that she can reclaim the fees of the training against letting income, and that she should let him do her rental accounts. I can't see how this would be allowable, and I've shown her the way that the tax return property pages are set up.

Has anyone any experience of this? She wants to stay within the rules, but is conflicted with another 'professional' telling her something different, so I'd like some more information to give her.


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07th Feb 2013 11:13

That's funny...

... someone asked a very similar question last Friday.

You might want to keep your eye on THIS THREAD, in case anyone responds.

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By dreamcatcher
07th Feb 2013 11:37

Go back to first principals

What are all accountants taught from a very early stage in their career when it comes to tax deductible items.  Is it wholly and exclusively for the purchase of the trade? 

I wouldn't fancy putting together an argument to justify this.  Would you?  If anything I would be leaning towards the 'expense' being capital in nature as I am assuming that they are offering to teach new skills and not build on an existing skill set.

I've also had a quick look through an old copy of the Inland Revenue practitioners guide IR150 'Taxation of rents'.  There is no mention in the 144 pages of training courses in connection with letting of properties. 

If the accountant from the training company is confident it is tax deductible then ask your client to get them to point her in the direction of HMRC manuals, tax cases etc to prove it.

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By Exector
07th Feb 2013 11:54

No I dont think so!

Since it looks to be a set of new skills and the admissibility principles of the trading rules  equally apply to property businesses:

eg see



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07th Feb 2013 12:01

A fool and his money!

Paying £5,000 to someone that tells you that it's tax deductible ought to be all she needs to know.

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07th Feb 2013 12:26

If you client is interested in property,

 I have a bridge to sell her. I could also offer her a lease on Buckingham Palace with very good terms.



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07th Feb 2013 13:51

£5k Course....

What a great money spinner. I think you should tell your Client you'll do it for £2,500.

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07th Feb 2013 16:45


To Executor and Dreamcatcher,

That's very clearly put for me to go back to the client with.

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