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So we have made the transfer

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Good evening,

We have made the transfer from Taxfiler to Iris Elements. There was an initial glitch in that many returns were not migrated across from Taxfiler to Elements, but this has since been resolved (as far as we can tell). i can see others have had the same issue.

We now have a few other issues emerging and are pulling our hair (what we have left of it) out with the Elements. In fact, I cannot even seem to be able to get in to the tax returns at all this evening, the only options I appear to have on the Iris elements dashboard is "company formations" or "Proposal manager", i do not want either of those, in fact, I have no idea what "Proposal Manager " is and do not wish to know at this stage ! 

Firstly, we cannot  work out how the relationships work and why the self-employed data detail has not moved across fully, this might be our lack of understanding, but a video tutorial would be good on this point. Any tips would be helpful.

I cannot add additional users, Iris say I haven't paid at all, but I most certainly have - has anyone else experienced this issue?

I am unable to submit a CT600 to HMRC because there is an apparent issue with the computation marginal starting rate / small companies’ relief within the software and HMRC reject the filing on that basis.

I am unable to submit a 2022 tax return because the business description is not pulling through from the Proprietor "relationship" tab for the 2022 year, but it seems to be fine for 2023. 

We have raised these points with Iris last week and are getting no support with them. We are paying for users and they cannot access the cloud ware, which is so frustrating it is unreal. If we are not getting any level of service at this stage, goodness knows what it will be like in 6 months’ time. 

Has anyone else had these issues and were they resolved in the end? Are others thinking along the same lines as us, that this is too much like hard work and going to start looking elsewhere for their filing requirements? It would be good to know if there are practices loving the switch to Elements, encouraging stories, might give us the courage we need to stick with it, I just feel ill thinking about how we are going to cope with this!

many thanks for any help. 

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By rmillaree
08th Apr 2024 18:57

its been pretty much one way street of peeps moaning about only iris products here - often they come here for workarounds as iris wont even flag up the necessary botch it bob fix when their software doesnt work.

You should perhaps expect small glitches when you swapover but presumig its not user error it seems plain this product is not fit for purpose or support is not fit for purpose or both are not fit for purpose - there have been plenty of warnings posted to others along similar but different lines. IOn some respects i am amazed atb the volume of f ups they can do that have no easy/obvious solution.

Been there got the t shirt back in 2016 - 2-3 weeks into year with dreadful iris product that didnt work when the excellent old drummohr product was shut down by them and we were foreced to migrate. in the end one phone call to btc software (now part of bright group) - 90 minutes later they extracted all necessary client data and imported into their software in seamless fashion - albeit historical returns were not moved over. So took about 2 hours from first contact to get up and running with company that do it right and software that was fit for purpose.

If IRIS cared they would probably send soemone along to pacify you here to avoid bad press - their silence on these boards (from them) in generally defeaning when their stuff doesnt work.

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By AdamJones82
08th Apr 2024 20:47

Get out before you get too entrenched into it. I’ve been using for two years and too often there’s bugs appearing. I’m not renewing again

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By Amirraf25
09th Apr 2024 13:51

We had been using taxfiler for the past 10 years. Had a demo of Elements and didn't like it had too many issues back in November so we switched to Taxcalc instead, 10/10 so far.

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Replying to Amirraf25:
By [email protected]
24th Apr 2024 12:08

Is the migration process from Taxfiler to Tax Calc a simple one or should I prepare myself for issues? I've just migrated from Taxfiler to Elements and guess what? It's not worked properly and the support is poor so I'm looking for alternatives right now.

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