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Transfer of agent authorisation codes

How to transfer agent authorisation codes

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We have recently acquired another accountancy practice and HMRC have written to say they cannot transfer the existing agent authorisations due to GDPR.  Does anyone know a way to do this as the alternative is extremely time consuming. Apparently it used to be a letter to HMRC central agent team(which I tried) but GDPR not allowing this anymore....Thank you.

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By SXGuy
10th Aug 2020 19:19

There used to be a way back in the old goverment Gateway login days where you could appoint another agent as a team member and transfer clients over to them. But I'm not sure if this can still be done or whether that would also move any 64 8 statuses over.

Other than that it's a new authorisation process for each client

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By bernard michael
11th Aug 2020 11:25

Just a thought - not sure if it is relevant or appropriate
Did you take over a practice inside a limited company ?
If so keep it as a separate entity within your practice with it's existing agent's coding and leave the clients as they are. Not sure this can work or suit you but perhaps worth consideration - or not !!

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