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Transfer of Commercial property

looking to transfer a commercial property from a UK Limited company, to an Limited company

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Transfer of Commercial property from UK limited company to Limited company in Eire

Common owners and directors, Best practice for CGT. the building has very little CGT on disposal in the Uk, was thinking to gift the property, but what would be the cost price for CGT purposes in Ireland. 


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By johngroganjga
25th Jan 2019 11:06

You are mixing up the UK company and yourself, even to the extent of asking about the wrong tax altogether. Companies pay corporation tax on their capital gains, not CGT.

What you should be asking in the first instance is how to minimise the corporation tax payable by the UK company. The place to ask that question would usually be the UK company’s existing accountants.

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By lionofludesch
25th Jan 2019 12:06

You're definitely right about there being no UK CGT being payable.

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By Montrose
27th Jan 2019 16:36

SDLT will be payable whether the disposal is a gift or a sale as the two companies are connected.

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