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Transfer of VAT number under MTD

Why can't I do this online anymore?

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I'm in the process of trying to transfer the VAT number of a client who has incorporated their business.

Previously I would have done this via online services - completed the process completely online indicating VAT number is transferring under a change of legal entity.....however now this client is registered for MTD when I click the change registration details button it tells me I have to make changes using the new ASA account.

When I login here it asks me why this business needs to deregister and gives me three options:

1 - Cease to trade

2 - turnover below threshold

3 - other

If I click other the page diverts me to paper de-reg form which is not what I want to complete!

Do I really now have to complete a paper VAT68 for the sake of digitalising the VAT process???  Seems a bit backwards to me!

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