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Transfering from Sole Trader to LTD company

AIA using elective transfer and how to account for it.

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We are in the process of transfering from sole to a LTD company.

We own Assets which will be claimed via AIA for 18/19 and have some previous assets. We will trade till around May as have outstanding contracts to complete therefore AIA won’t be in our last trading year.

I’ve read we can do an elective transfer of assets - and you write to advise HMRC that this has been done.

My question is what do we do in terms of the SA for sole trader and how to we bring them into the accounts for LTD company / CT return? 




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11th Feb 2019 15:20

Surely you’ll want to get your accountant to do all this? Lots of things to consider when transferring and specific advice is essential.

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