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Transferring HMRC access codes to a new phone

How do you transfer HMRC access codes when purchasing a new phone.

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I have just replaced my mobile (both old and new are iPhones). I backed up and restored as per normal. The HMRC App on the new phone has no access codes in it. Therefore I have to use the old phone to generate access codes when necessary. If I restore a back up on the old phone they appear but not when I transfer to the new one.

Does anyone know how to transfer the codes? 

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By johnt27
28th Aug 2019 11:35

Having had a similar problem - you need to ring HMRC and ask them to reset your security. You'll then be able to set up 2FA within the app when you log in again on your new phone.

Getting through on the phone line is a challenge because if it isn't answered it just goes dead.

A massive pain and nowhere near as slick as using something like Google Authenticator or similar.

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Replying to johnt27:
By stigers
30th Aug 2019 15:26

Hi Johnt27

Do you know if this the case for agency access?

When I spoke to HMRC a few months ago they they stated they couldn't reset the security.

Currently it's on the app on my phone for a 100 staff firm.... not ideal!

What number/department did you call?


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