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Transferring VAT figures from Sage

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Can anyone help?  I am using Sage 50 Accounts and need to know how (if possible) can I extract the vat information to Excel.  I am very near to retiring and I don't want the expence of upgrading.


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Scalloway Castle
By scalloway
02nd Aug 2021 21:03

It depends what you mean by VAT information. If you want to export the VAT reports for the VAT Return by clicking Print VAT Return and run the VAT return report to File. Run the report as a .xml .xlx or .csv file and you’ll then be able to open the file in Excel.

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By rmillaree
02nd Aug 2021 21:50

Just ensure you export the detailed report as that is the nitty gritty of what makes up the vat figures !

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