Transitional year (?) and new Labour .

Shock and awe

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Thankfully I am no longer in the business;but I cannot believe I am  the only one on this forum who read yesterdays transitional year piece,prior to full MTD;with something akin to horror.What a shambles.

Didnt I read somewhere that Labour were going to drop MTD ?Or was that wishful thinking on my part,and I dreamt it.What happens then,to the transitional reports submitted .

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By stepurhan
26th Apr 2024 10:26

Given you have included Labour prominently in the title of your question, it might be best to find a link showing if they did make such a promise.

Regardless, it is the current Conservative government that has overseen the ongoing shambles. If a future Labour government swept the shambles away, I suspect many of us would be quite pleased. Any pain from dealing with reports submitted under this farce being ignored would be eclipsed by the joy over the death of MTD.

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By FactChecker
26th Apr 2024 14:51

"Didn't I read somewhere that Labour were going to drop MTD ?"

No idea as I don't know what you read.
But, it was briefly (and not officially) a sort-of policy of theirs at around the time of the Corbyn/Starmer changeover.
Not a dickie bird about it since (at least in formal policies) ... and the Starmer 'steady as she goes' approach is unlikely to start by sinking the Titanic (which is how HMRC would seek to describe such a decision).

But I think we can rely on HMRC to sail it straight into the iceberg for us.

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Replying to FactChecker:
By Michael Davies
26th Apr 2024 17:32

Pleased to discover that Labour at one point did have a “consideration” to dump MTD,and it was not a complete pipe dream on my part.Thanks.Presumably it will be a bit like Brexit ;once MTD and all its ramifications,have gone down the road a few years;it will be very problematic to get rid of it.

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