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Travel Expenses Self Employed Sub-Contractor

Travel Expenses Self Employed Sub-Contractor

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I have a client who has been awarded a construction job beginning in the New Year. He has 6 or 7 sub-contractors working for him. As the job is a far distance from their home town, my client has agreed to cover their fuel and parking costs.

What we were looking at doing is creating an expense claim form where the sub-contractor completes the details, signs and dates it and attaches the receipts. I think this is acceptable for my client to process in his accounts and pay the sub-contractors.

Would members agree with this method?

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By possep
13th Nov 2014 17:23

Subcontractor expenses

No. I would work out the approximate cost for each and increase their weekly rate accordingly or agree a universal sum through the CIS payment or other appropriate payment. The subbie can claim the cost of travel and parking in their own accounts. This is on the basis that HMRC would not usually expect a contractor to meet a subcontractor's travel costs. The last thing you would want is to strengthen any potential PAYE/Employee argument by HMRC.

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