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Traveller wanting to set up officially

Traveller wanting to set up officially

I received an interesting enquiry via a friend who would like to employ an individual who until recently has been effectively a traveller. The person concerned is in a position to complete a number of jobs in the area with some well known companies. He wants to register as self employed or as a partnership. He has an address and is setting down roots. 

Has anyone had a similar situation? The individual just wants to work he isn't worried about about registering.


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By bbsltd
04th Feb 2013 14:58

We had a very similar situation a few years age. Someone from a well known traveller family in the area , wanted to become self employed .

We sent off the required forms and HMRC came back with a letter basically saying

"Where have you been the last 7 years?" .

The only records they had were of the purchase of a building a few years ago.

The client maintained he had been out of the country for these years,

Because the work covered several years we requested a payment on account before any work would commence.

We had a phone call from HMRC a few days later saying the client had informed them that we were no longing acting on their behalf


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