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Trending articles, again

Trending articles, again

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Are we ever going to get rid of the 8 years old trending articles that appear in the list of questions?

I can see that it might be useful having the most active current threads show up like this but I've checked and while there's some activity from this year in there, the negative numbers in excel thread really isn't much of a hotbed of activity. This has been broken more or less since it was introduced, why are we still looking at it every day?

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By Duggimon
19th Sep 2017 11:57

Since posting, the 12 year old one has popped back up again! If they get any older they'll be pre-internet and we'll have to start getting them posted as hardcopy.

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By andy.partridge
19th Sep 2017 12:13

You'll have to get them off the office table football, darts or the climbing wall before they read this. There is a 10 minute window and then it's all down the pub.

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