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Trust CGT and Registration

Frustration with HMRC systems for Trust Registration and 2016/17 CGT issue

Has anybody got information that they can give me about an apparent issue with HMRC and their calculation of 2016/17 CGT for trusts? I have recently submitted a 2017 TR for a trust showing a liability of about £11,700. I use TaxCalc for all my clients. HMRC has now issued a statement (no computation) to the trustees suggesting that the liability should be £17,700.

I briefly saw something from the Tax Advice Network this morning that suggested that there is a 'known' issue and HMRC is working to fix the problem. Unfortunately, I do not subscribe to the Tax Advice Network and cannot see their reference to where some good news about this is apparently to be found. Can anybody shed some light on this for me please?

I did try to see if there was anything on HMRC's website generally but found nothing there and when I looked for the client online records I discovered that my agent's authorisation for the client has dissappeared! So I cannot call HMRC about this for the specific client.

That leads me to the other part of my concern which is the Trust Registration process. I realised that, in addition to the specific trust client above, a couple of other trust clients had disappeared from my client list and wondered if this was linked in some way to the fact that I completed the new online Trust Registration process for them only yesterday? Or is this a pure coincidence?

Bearing in mind that the Trust Registration process necessitated the setting up of a new HMRC agent login, but there are no clients listed under that login, has anybody had a similar experience with their trust clients?

Many thanks in advance.


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18th Jan 2018 16:33

There is a problem with estate and trust tax returns. It’s been going on for months. It is now acknowledged. You have to phone HMRC and ask for the tax return to be reprocessed.

On the TRS I have registered quite a few clients. They are still on my ordinary gov gateway list so I don’t think the TRS is the reason why they have disappeared from your gateway account.

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to Jane Evans
18th Jan 2018 17:24

Thanks Jane, this is very helpful. I should have thought about STEP!

I will leave it a day or so to see if the missing clients reappear (it would not be the first time there have been issues with 'magic' clients). If they don't, I will try phoning HMRC but do not hold out much hope - particularly if the client authorisations have been completely removed, in which case HMRC will merely refuse to talk to me! Ah well, I'm sure it will work out in the end!

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