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Trust Register

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Anyone one know if the Trust Register is fully operational yet? I'm having problems trying to access the register (without success) in order to confirm no changes to trustee details.

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By creevagh
17th Jan 2020 11:54

I am having the same problem.

The 2019 Trust Tax Return Guide clearly states that box 20 should be ticked if updated details have been provided on the Trust Register, and this is supported by other guidance elsewhere. But there appears to be no way of updating the Register.

However, the HMRC Guidance "Register your client's trust", which was last updated on 16 April 2019, now states at the bottom that the only change in registration details that needs to be notified to HMRC is a change to the name or address of main trustee. And this notification needs to be in writing.

I cannot find any announcement explaining this change in policy, but it would appear that it is no longer a requirement to update the Register.

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By creevagh
17th Jan 2020 12:06

Found this tucked away in Agent Update 70 (March 2019):

Updating Trust Registration Service
HMRC is implementing the Trust Registration Service in a number of phases.
Currently, it is not possible for lead trustees and their agents to update their registered
information or to declare that there have not been any changes.
The work to allow trustees and agents to update their details online is now underway.
Following user feedback, we are switching to a new system (a ‘micro service’) which
will be more intuitive, easier to navigate and have several advantages over the current
‘iForm’ service. We intend to roll out the new service at the start of the summer of 2019
and functionality will be expanded gradually in a series of deployments, which will
include the ability to update details.
In the meantime, if you need to inform HMRC that the lead trustee or trust
correspondence address has changed, then please write to us at:
HM Revenue and Customs
BX9 1EL.

Summer 2019 is long gone though.

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