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anyone got a clear easy to follow guide on which trusts need to register?

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Looking for a clear easy to follow guide on who need sto register. HMRC manual helps but I need an easier version! All links/help appreciated

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David Ross
By davidross
23rd Aug 2022 15:33

Here is the result of my researches, to help others avoid time-wasting and 45 minutes phoning the help line.

It is worth remembering that a Trust will use the same Government Gateway credential to access both its Business Tax account (if it has and needs one) and Trust Registration – but you cannot see one in the other. The link !) to “Register and Maintain a Trust” is

Scroll down the page and press the green button . If you are already in the Business Tax Account something weird then happens - as if by magic, and without logging in again, you should get the following message;

“The trust with the Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) 1234567890 has been linked with this account”

Agent authorisation.
If you try this before the Trust registration has been ‘claimed’ as above, it will not work. Once it has, you can log in to your Agent Services Account and create a link which you then send to the client. They can use it to grant authorisation by going back in with their credentials

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paddle steamer
23rd Aug 2022 15:42

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