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Trust Registration Service - Annual declaration

Is it mandatory to make the annual declaration via the online trust registration service?

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Hello, now that HMRC have opened the online trust registration service to allow certain details of existing trusts to be be updated online, and the annual declaration to by made, does anyone know if it is mandatory to make the annual declaration this way? The problem is that at the moment it seems the only way to get the additional authorisation needed is via this 'digital handshake' with the client, which requires the client to have a Government Gateway login.  I can't get through to HMRC Trust department at the moment...

Any experience welcome, thank you

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By gogarloch
09th Jun 2020 08:58

I tried to go through it for one where I am the Trustee, the system currently crashes out with "page not found" when doing the identity checks. I will leave it a few weeks and try again,

I can see I am going to have problems with clients who don't want the hassle of the digital handshake when they have already supplied 64-8. Hard to explain to them that I need both.

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By leeanthonyblackshaw
09th Jun 2020 12:23

There's a very good update article in Taxation magazine on this topic:

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